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Photo: UC Davis professor Alex Forrest with the underwater glider in Terra Nova Bay, Antarctica

Beneath the Antarctic ice

There have been very few expeditions where robots dived beneath polar ice shelves to characterize and measure them. UC Davis engineering professor Alexander Forrest recently returned from one of them — nearly two months aboard a South Korean icebreaker. [ More, with multimedia… ]


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Experts: Counter hate speech with 'good speech'

The United States has the strongest protections for free speech of any country in the world, and with that comes distasteful speech. It's up to us to counter that bad speech with good speech, constitutional law experts said at a Dialogue and Discernment forum last week. [ More… ]

Imagining America names faculty director

The civic-engagement consortium moving its national headquarters to UC Davis this summer now has a faculty director: Erica Kohl-Arenas, M.S. '99, who also will join the UC Davis faculty as an associate professor in the Department of American Studies. [ More… ]

Precautions urged to prevent spread of GI illness

Yolo County health officials are investigating a stomach flu outbreak — as of today (May 9), 25 students had reported similar symptoms — and are urging precautions like thorough hand-washing. [ More… ]

Foster receives Charles J. Soderquist Award

The UC Davis Foundation has recognized Ron Foster, an owner and board member of Foster Farms and longtime supporter of the School of Veterinary Medicine, with the Charles J. Soderquist Award, which honors volunteerism, philanthropy and leadership. [ More… ]

Students wow with brilliance — and brevity — at Grad Slam

Ph.D. student Sam Westreich (Integrative Genetics and Genomics Graduate Group) reflects on his experience in the UC Grad Slam, which concluded last Thursday. "You have to start broadly and then narrow the focus — and it's not just about what you do, but why you do it," he says. [ More… ]

RESEARCH: Successful CRISPR gene editing in nonhuman primates

Imagine a world where maladies such as cystic fibrosis, Huntington's disease or sickle cell anemia no longer exist. While the U.S. is far from achieving this lofty goal, it recently came a step closer at the California National Primate Research Center, where scientists have efficiently modified the genes of rhesus macaque embryos. [ More… ]

Iron Brew title goes to the 'Underdog'

Charlie Bamforth's students win in the lab, then brew a 20-keg batch at Sudwerk. … Separately, UC Davis staff and faculty have a brewing competition of their own going on, organized by Staff Assembly. There's room for three more teams — and there's room for people at a tasting event that will follow the judging in June. Prices go up $5 after this Friday (May 12). [ More… ]

NEWS BRIEFS: Aggie Surplus says, 'Bring us your e-waste!'

Aggie Surplus will collect e-waste, for free, during a drop-off event May 17 at the Hopkins Services Complex. Plus …

THE DOWNLOAD: Rugby champions again, Aggies helping Aggies

The women's rugby team wins a second spring championship. … Paying it forward with pizza. … Running to help Aggies. [ More, with video… ]





The 39 Steps (as a laugher), plus dance and music

The Department of Theatre and Dance presents two productions this Thursday through Saturday (May 11-13): the Alfred Hitchcock spy thriller The 39 Steps as a comedy; and (Re) Sounding Bodies, featuring guest artists from Assembly Dance Theatre of Taiwan, and a new dance work by professors David Grenke and Jon D. Rossini. The Department of Music presents Ensemble Mise-en (May 11-12), and the Symphony Orchestra performs a concert entitled "Heavenly Life" (May 13). [ Read more in the Arts at UC Davis newsletter… ]

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