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Photo: People standing outside of Pitzer Center

For music and more

Like Professor Ross Bauer's song title suggests, the new Ann E. Pitzer Center is "in the midst of it all" — a building not only for music majors but for other students from across the campus who will take classes here, Interim Dean Susan Kaiser says at the dedication ceremony last week. [ More… ]


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Inspirational start to new academic year

At Fall Convocation, Interim Chancellor Ralph J. Hexter has the backing of faculty, staff, students and the chief justice of the California Supreme Court in urging civil discourse in contentious times. [ More… ]

Plant scientist Siobhan Brady named Hughes scholar

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute's Faculty Scholars Program will provide five years of support for Brady's research on gene networks that regulate the growth of plant roots. [ More… ]

Meet our new Humphrey Fellows

Eleven midcareer professionals from around the world will formally introduce themselves to the campus community from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. this Friday (Sept. 30). During this public forum, the fellows will talk about how they will use their time at UC Davis to help them in their work back home in the fields of natural resources, agriculture and environmental science. [ More… ]

Fine writing: By students, faculty and visitors

Davis shows off its writing chops at all levels with the Prized Writing awards ceremony for undergraduates tonight (Sept. 27) and "Opening Night" with creative writing faculty members next week. [ More… ]

RESEARCH: Climate change among worries in wine industry

In annual surveys, Professor Robert Smiley finds optimism over millennials' thirst for more and higher value wines, and concern over water availability and climate change — so much so that some executives are looking outside of California to Oregon and Washington for vineyard development, and to Chile, Argentina and Australia for sourcing bulk wine. [ More… ]

Emergency teams to participate in tabletop exercise

Campus leaders and emergency personnel will participate in a tabletop training exercise this Thursday (Sept. 29). The exercise builds on a field drill held last month at Dutton Hall. [ More… ]

Students! Forget about your hair, wear helmets!

There are a few things Aggies can count on every fall: A lot of new students, a lot of bicycles, and not very many bike helmets. Student Health and Counseling Services, the campus unit that provides medical services to students and operates the on-campus urgent care clinic, wants to change that. [ More… ]

NEWS BRIEFS: Science Friday, from UC Davis, this Friday

UC Davis scientists are featured in this week's Science Friday radio show, an episode recorded at the Mondavi Center last weekend. Plus …

THE DOWNLOAD: Buzz, Bodega, flashback, football

See a recap of The Buzz, the musical kickoff to the academic year. … The UC Davis Bodega Marine Laboratory celebrates its 50th anniversary. … The first day of school looked very different 100 years ago. … See the festivities leading up to and including Saturday's football game. [ More, with video… ]




'India in the Artist's Eye' — a yearlong celebration

Music, theatre and dance, exhibitions, lectures and workshops, presented by the Department of Religious Studies and the Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts. This week brings a photo exhibition and a kolam/rangoli women's art demonstration, plus a concert by Bickram Ghosh's Drums of India. [ More… ]

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