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Photo: Liz Applegate at her last lecture

A teacher celebrated

On the occasion of Liz Applegate's last Nutrition 10 lecture — a class she's been teaching for 31 years — the instructor's colleagues and students surprised her with several tokens of thanks. Recently, Applegate gave a different kind of lecture, reflecting on her long run with the class and teaching 60,000 students over the years. [ More… ]


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University Medal: 'My gift to my parents'

Lucydalila Cedillo — demonstrating that she took to heart what her father told her about the importance of learning — has been named UC Davis' top graduating senior. She's an animal science major, bound for a doctoral program at Harvard University and a career as a professor. [ More, with video… ]

Campus to host U.S. arts-humanities initiative

Imagining America: Artists and Scholars in Public Life, a civic-engagement consortium of more than 100 academic institutions and cultural organizations, will move its national headquarters from Syracuse University to UC Davis in the summer of 2017. [ More… ]

Much-needed lecture hall due for completion in 2018

Construction can now begin on a 600-seat lecture hall near Hutchison Hall after campus officials held a groundbreaking ceremony last Friday. The hall will feature natural light, huge display screens and seats that swivel so students can form small discussion groups. [ More… ]

Preparing for the campus's new water supply

Campus officials are preparing for the arrival of a new domestic water supply, no sooner than Nov. 1, from the same project that is already delivering treated surface water to Davis and Woodland. [ More… ]

'G.J.' Mattey receives Charles P. Nash Prize

Philosophy lecturer George "G.J." Mattey is the recipient of the 2016 Charles P. Nash Prize, recognizing members of the Academic Federation, Academic Senate and Davis Faculty Association who exemplify the virtues by which the late Charlie Nash made his mark on the university — in his commitment to shared governance, and his advocacy for the welfare of faculty, staff and students across the university. [ More… ]

'3-MINUTE EGGHEAD': A paradox of toxic nectar

Egghead blogger Andy Fell talks with community ecologist Rachel Vannette about why pollinators continue to forage on "toxic" or bitter-tasting nectar, despite what should be a deterrent. [ More… ]

UC launches TomKat carbon neutrality project

Tom Steyer and Kathryn Taylor's TomKat Foundation provides $300,000 for systemwide effort that aims to develop and deploy solutions to the challenges of climate change. [ More… ]

NEWS BRIEFS: New home for benefits customer service

Human Resources and the Shared Services Center are now working together to provide customer service for Davis campus employee benefits. Plus …

So much good news, on campus and off!

The California Raptor Center releases a bald eagle after treating its injuries (with video). … Injured Woodland police dog Peydro goes home from the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital. … Innovation takes center stage at Engineering Design Showcase (with video). … The new Campus Store is open for business. [ More… ]

TRENDING: Voting underway in #AggieCap2016

Facebook: This year you can "like" them or "love" them, or say "wow" or "haha," as our students once again show their creativity in capping off their college days. Voting ends at midnight Thursday (June 9).




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