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Jann Murray-Garcia

Photo: Jann Murray-Garcia

'Getting to a different place'

This assistant adjunct professor describes the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing's belief in teaching health care professionals "how to see race as a social script and how to engage in the discussions that are going to get us to a different place in terms of racial inequality and health status and health care quality." Jann's profile (with video) is among several you can see here. [ More… ]


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BOOK PROJECT: Author's talk and forum

The 2015-16 Campus Community Book Project concludes Wednesday (Feb. 3) with the author's visit. Matt Taibbi will participate in a free Forum@MC on the topic "Movement of the Moment or an Old Battle Cry: Black Lives Matter." Then he gives an evening talk, about his book, The Divide: American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap. [ More… ]

Put your heart into this!

Walk through a giant, inflatable heart to see what goes on in there! Learn hands-only CPR! Join a fun Zumba class for a cardio workout! Pick up information on heart-healthy habits. It's all part of our third annual heart-health awareness event, UC Davis Wears Red Day, this Friday (Feb. 5). We'll gather on Hutchison Field to make a heart formation at noon, rain or shine! [ More, with video… ]

'We continue to build for the future'

In new annual report, Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi describes UC Davis' efforts to stay on the forefront of higher education, to build the University of the 21st Century. "This is an exciting time at UC Davis," she says. "We have the faculty, students, staff, creativity and expertise to help address some of the most complex problems of our time, and we are deeply committed to that effort." [ More… ]

36 hours to 'envision,' a day to 'reimagine'

Keep your chargers handy, UC Davis, because we'll be playing the "Envision UC Davis" game for 36 hours straight, on our phones, tablets and laptops (and desktops, too), Feb. 24-25. Then, on Feb. 29, we've got the Staff Assembly-led "Reimagining Our Work" Day. So, what's your unit planning to do that day? [ More, with video… ]

Napolitano tells community college students: Reach for UC

Email outreach is part of her initiative to better serve students in transferring to UC. Her message refers students to new resources such as Transfer Pathways. [ More… ]

RESEARCH: Cat stem cell therapy gives humans hope

After a clinical trial saves cats from a painful oral inflammatory disorder, researchers are looking at the therapy as a model to treat a similar condition in people. [ More… ]

120 restrooms switching to gender-inclusive

Signs of beskirted and trousered figures are being removed from 120 restroom doors across the Davis campus by the end of February to convert gendered or unisex restrooms to gender-inclusive restrooms. [ More… ]

NEWS BRIEFS: Stokes named emergency manager

Clement Stokes is the campus's new director of emergency management and mission continuity. He previously served as director of emergency management at Northwestern University for seven years. Plus …

TRENDING: International athletes, international students, tech from space

Facebook: Meet the Fijian athletes who have made UC Davis their home. … Instagram: Aggie Studios plays host to a group of Japanese international students. … Twitter: An engineering class demonstrates space-grade heat-dissipating technology.




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