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Sarah Moffitt

Photo: Sarah Moffitt

Ocean-going postdoc

"My love for the ocean began as a kid on my grandfather's boat, fishing for salmon and crabbing in the Pacific Northwest," says Sarah Moffitt, who holds a UC Davis Ph.D. in ecology. Now, as a postdoc in marine science out of state, she's "hopeful for a future where salmon are crazy abundant in the rivers where I grew up." Moffitt's profile (with video) is among several you can see here. [ More… ]


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Ribbons for our veterans

Visitors to the Quad this week can't miss the yellow ribbons tied around every tree. The ribbons, long a symbol of support for soldiers sent to combat, went up Nov. 3 and will come down this Thursday (Nov. 12), the day after Veterans Day. [ More, with slideshow and video… ]

Honoring Margrit Mondavi, with art, of course

UC Davis dedicates the Margrit Mondavi Art Garden, a sculpture garden meant to inspire people to consider life's beauty, just as Mondavi herself has inspired the arts in so many ways at this university. "This is such a happy occasion," Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi said, "because we have the opportunity to offer our sincerest gratitude to someone who has been such an ambassador for UC Davis." [ More, with slideshow… ]

Farewell, Chancellor Emeritus Vanderhoef

The campus community joins Chancellor Emeritus Larry N. Vanderhoef's family and others at the Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts, in a celebration of his life. Read some of what his wife, colleagues, friends and a former ASUCD president had to say. [ More, with slideshow and video… ]

External research funding hits record high: $786M

The total for 2014-15 represents an 11.5 percent increase over the year before, attributed partly to a surge in federal support. Says Vice Chancellor Harris Lewin: "The sustained investment in research infrastructure and programs over the past four years is beginning to show significant returns in terms of research funding and impact." [ More… ]

RESEARCH: Honeybees 'turn on' gene expression for immunity

UC Davis team says the switch allows bees to protect against microorganisms and degrade toxins, and happens when insects go from being nurse bees to foragers for nectar and pollen. [ More… ]

Budget plan provides for 10,000 more California students

President Janet Napolitano will ask the Board of Regents to approve her plan to enroll 10,000 additional California undergraduates over the next three years, starting with 5,000 freshmen and transfer students in 2016-17. [ More… ]

UC Davis gives voice to 'Lupe' — and she has a lot to say

Instead of being sung about disparagingly, "Lupe" is now speaking up for herself by way of a sculpture expressing her pride, strength and courage. The Voice of Lupe is a new work of public art, to be dedicated this Thursday (Nov. 12), another step toward healing a 40-year-old campus wound. [ More, with slideshow… ]

The goal: 'Effective change' in diversity and inclusion

Vice Chancellor Adela de la Torre tells forum: "We want to make sure diversity and inclusion are integrated within the construct of our daily lives." Read The California Aggie's report. [ More… ]

Aggie athletes' graduation success leads Big West again

Seven teams post perfect Graduation Success Rates, and Aggie athletes post an 88 percent GSR overall in the NCAA's latest six-year reporting period — leading the Big West Conference for the fourth consecutive year. [ More… ]

NEWS BRIEFS: We're on Jeopardy! again

This week's Jeopardy! clues from UC Davis are secret, but watch our video to learn the topic! Plus …

TRENDING: Firefighter recovers, TAPS cuts locks, pets go on parade

Facebook: Alumnus Alex Galang, a former student firefighter, is back at work after being injured on the job as a Sacramento firefighter in January. … Vine: See TAPS in action, cutting locks to remove abandoned bicycles around campus. … YouTube: Pets and their people, all dressed up for Halloween at the School of Veterinary Medicine.




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