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Photo: Army ROTC cadets, faces obscured, hold Golden Memory Book, showing two pages for Aggies lost in war

135 flags, 135 names

The flags will be on the Quad and the names in the Golden Memory Book will be read at the ceremony just across the way on the Memorial Union's South Patio, at 5 p.m. Thursday (May 21). All are invited to this annual tribute to Aggie soldiers, sailors and Marines who gave their lives in military service. [ More… ]


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Regents to consider Napolitano-Brown budget deal

Framework announced last week provides for increased revenue, a two-year freeze on resident tuition and, over time, programmatic improvements and increased operational efficiency. Read the agenda item. [ More… ]

'Farmer-preneurs' at work in Zambia

One year after winning the People's Choice Award in last year's Big Bang! business competition, Zasaka is delivering simple technologies and practices to Zambian farmers to help them improve their crop yields and better preserve the harvest. [ More… ]

RESEARCH: Revealing kidney cancer's secret

An international team led by UC Davis nephrologist Robert Weiss shows how renal cell carcinoma reprograms its metabolism and evades the immune system. The study, published in the journal Cancer Research, points to new therapeutic options for this particularly deadly cancer. [ More… ]


The next time you grab a bag of pistachios, think about Professor Julian Crane, whose foundational research led to an 11-fold increase in the amount of California land devoted to the nut's production, to 275,000 acres. Today, California is the No. 1 pistachio producer in the world, accounting for about 40 percent of the supply. [ More… ]

LAURELS: We're a 'Mother-Baby Friendly Workplace'

The California Breastfeeding Coalition declares UC Davis a "Mother-Baby Friendly Workplace," recognizing the Breastfeeding Support Program. … Plus, honors for law professor Brian Soucek, and communicators Diane Nelson and Kathy Keatley Garvey. [ More… ]

'Pet' project wins awards, needs support

The awards from campus and the White House are nice, but a student club's "pet" project in Sacramento — the Mercer Clinic for the pets of homeless people — has a more pressing need: financial support from the community. [ More… ]

NEWS BRIEFS: Myucdavis users prefer MyView as default

A survey earlier this spring about the new myucdavis showed users were primarily interested in having MyView as the default view. Plus …


TRENDING: Succulent corks, caterpillar sighting, mystery hydrant

YouTube: Master Gardeners from UC Cooperative Extension show off succulents growing in wine corks to promote drought awareness. … Vine: A prickly caterpillar crosses a road in the arboretum. … Instagram: The mysterious Disney World fire hydrant on campus.




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