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Image: Month of May calendar, from new online calendar, with May 12 highlighted

New online calendar debuts

Where's the one place you can go to see the most complete listing of UC Davis events? Our new online calendar, with images and logos, "add to calendar" and "forward to friends" buttons, and search and filter tools. It comes with easy-to-use sharing tools and is easily customized, so departments and units can embed portions of the calendar on their own websites. With the calendar's launch, Dateline is trimming its event listings to "Editor's Picks" — and encouraging you to check out the new calendar for more. [ More about the new calendar… ]


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Let the commencements begin

The School of Law, which runs on a semester system, starts off the spring commencement season this Friday (May 15), with Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar, an associate justice of the California Supreme Court, as guest speaker. Twelve other commencements are scheduled from May 21 to June 14. See the complete schedule and other guest speakers. [ More… ]

Aggie Guardian debuts this week

UC Davis this week introduces a personal safety app called Aggie Guardian, with features that include a virtual escort: You tell the app when you expect to arrive at your destination, and the app notifies police or the "guardian" of your choice if you're late. The app can be downloaded for free for Apple and Android phones. [ More… ]

RESEARCH: New threat to marine life

Nanomaterials commonly used in sunscreens and boat-bottom paints are making sea urchin embryos more vulnerable to toxins, according to researchers at the Bodega Marine Laboratory and the Coastal Marine Sciences Institute. [ More… ]

A TGFS to remember, from midday to night

Last week's 35th annual Thank Goodness for Staff, or TGFS, picnic celebration brought together thousands of employees from myriad departments — but this time, there was an added twist at the end. Check out this collection of social media posts that tell the 2015 TGFS story from midday to night. [ More… ]

NEWS BRIEFS: Mentoring toolkit now available

Human Resources has launched an online toolkit to support a culture of mentoring at UC Davis. Plus …


TRENDING: Kitty microbes, rugby champs, marvelous Mondavi, cute corgis

Twitter: Two professors are among the researchers who have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to study the microbes living inside cats (with an adorable video!). … Facebook: The men's rugby club finishes a 13-0 season as national champion, winning the title over University of Central Florida. … Instagram: The statewide nonprofit organization Visit California (formerly the California Travel and Tourism Commission) spotlights the Mondavi Center, calling it "a beautiful modern arts venue with a diverse calendar of events." … Facebook: Cute corgis on campus.




These are the Editor's Picks, taken from the new online calendar:

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