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Photo: Chocolate porcelain crab

New warmth to the north

“It’s perhaps a glimpse of what Northern California’s coast might look like in the future as ocean temperatures continue to warm,” Professor Eric Sanford says about UC Davis’ published observations of jellyfish, crabs, nudibranchs, fish and even dolphins and sea turtles — creatures typically seen only in places like Baja California, Mexico — having extended their range to Northern California during the marine heatwave of 2014-16. [ More, with video… ]


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No in-state tuition increase for 2019-20

UC President Janet Napolitano makes the announcement during a legislative hearing in Sacramento. “We are optimistic about our strong partnership with the governor and the legislature and will work collectively to identify additional resources, in lieu of tuition revenues, to ensure that UC students can succeed,” she said. [ More… ]

Graduate programs shine in U.S. News rankings

UC Davis graduate programs make a strong showing in U.S. News & World Report’s graduate school rankings dated 2020, with veterinary medicine earning the top spot in its category and several other programs making significant gains. [ More… ]

The Conversation: UC’s push for open access

MacKenzie Smith, university librarian and vice provost for Digital Scholarship, outlines an alternative business model to the journal publishing system that UC recently rejected in its showdown with Elsevier. [ More… ]

RESEARCH: UC Davis advances in STAT Madness

David Olson’s work with psychedelic drugs and their possible use to treat depression, anxiety and other mental disorders, defeats alcoholism research out of Texas A&M in Round 1. Now, Olson’s work is up against research from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Round 2 voting ends Thursday. [ More… ]

BOOKS BLOG: Culture, legends, politics and religion along the Ganges

History professor Sudipta Sen, who visited Himalayan pilgrim towns along the Ganges River with his family as a 4-year-old, has published Ganges: The Many Pasts of an Indian River, a remarkable portrait of one of the world’s largest and most densely populated river basins. [ More… ]

AWARDS: Honoring key figures in our diversity

Chancellor Gary S. May recently presented the Chancellor’s Achievement Awards for Diversity and Community, honoring faculty, staff and students whose efforts are key in making UC Davis “a community that deliberately recruits, retains, embraces and celebrates people with backgrounds, gender identities and skill sets that are underrepresented in higher education.” [ More… ]

NEWS BRIEFS: Bowling lanes closed, Gunrock Gaming open

There’s no bowling in the MU through early April, because of safety concerns with the pinsetter machines, but the new Gunrock Gaming center is open for competition on PCs. Plus …

THE DOWNLOAD: Shaving, Spokes, showcasing Sacramento

More than 40 people shaved their heads yesterday (March 11) to raise money for childhood cancer research. … UC Davis’ all-women a cappella group give a sample of the showcase the group will host next month at the Mondavi Center. … Chancellor Gary S. May answers questions from students via his Instagram account. … UC Davis Health’s newest ad campaign showcases Sacramento through photographs taken by a Sacramento campus electrician. [ More, with video… ]




Capital Culture List: From Campus to Sacramento

UC Davis events include Contemporary Improvisation Ensemble, Jazz Bands, Outside the Lines (dance), St. Patrick’s Day concert at the Mondavi Center and An Evening With Greg Miller (Trump, the Media and the Fight for Truth). [ More, with podcast… ]

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