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Photo: Honoring Those Who Served: UC Davis veterans lapel pins for UC Davis and UC Davis Health (with caduceus)

Honoring our veterans

As Veterans Day approaches, UC Davis will have yellow ribbons on our quads (both of them); red, white and blue pins on our veterans; and celebrations on the Davis and Sacramento campuses. The week ahead also includes a training session for the Vet Net Ally Program for staff and faculty. [ More… ]


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Beloved campus figure Eldridge Moores dies

The distinguished professor emeritus and world-renowned geologist died unexpectedly Sunday (Oct. 28) at the age of 80 while on a geology field trip in Northern California. “His contributions to earth science remain his legacy,” Chancellor Gary S. May says. [ More… ]

Chancellor’s statements from the past week

Testing a new method of faculty recruitment

Searches will be by college or school, not department, with an emphasis on candidates who have demonstrated significant commitments to diversity, equity and-or inclusion among underrepresented students or communities. [ More… ]

Examining the Bakke decision 40 years later

King Hall brings in top experts to discuss the U.S. Supreme Court’s 1978 decision in Regents of California v. Bakke — the affirmative action case with UC Davis roots and legal implications still in play today, as with the civil trial challenging Harvard’s admissions practices. [ More… ]

AB540 center has a permanent director

Fresh off news that it is now a permanent part of UC Davis, the AB540 and Undocumented Student Center has a permanent executive director, Emily Prieto-Tseregounis, and plans to add another staffer. [ More… ]

Renovations, tech upgrades in 17 classrooms

Campus departments team up to add stronger Wi-Fi, improved audio, integrated video, ADA-compliant systems and other fresh technology, as well as nontech renovations, including carpeting and lighting. [ More… ]

RESEARCH: Gene network lets plant roots handle nitrogen

With robotics, computers and advanced genetics, researchers at UC Davis and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory have established a core set of genes that help plants metabolize nitrogen, the key to plant growth and crop yield. By understanding the genes that control how plants take up and use nitrogen, scientists like Siobhan Brady hope to give plant breeders tools to generate crop varieties that need less fertilizer or make better use of it. [ More… ]

Blood drive shares in excitement over football

Eager fans who can’t wait for the Causeway Classic football game have a chance to beat Sac State on a different kind of field next week: in the three-day Causeway Classic Blood Drive. Organizers are hoping the excitement over this year’s Aggies — 7-1 on the season and ranked sixth best in the country — will boost participation. [ More… ]

NEWS BRIEFS: Grass fire damages 5 vehicles

A grass fire along Highway 113 adjacent to the northbound off-ramp to Hutchison Drive burned 2 to 3 acres and resulted in heat damage to five vehicles parked in Lot 57 this morning (Oct. 30). Plus …

THE DOWNLOAD: Halloween spirit, snow leopard surgery

Kids at the UC Davis Children’s Hospital celebrate Halloween. … Bug enthusiasts put on their best costumes for a pre-Halloween anniversary party at the Bohart Museum of Entomology. … Veterinarians from UC Davis and the Sacramento Zoo perform a rare eyelid surgery on a snow leopard. … Halloween decor is popping up around campus. [ More, with video… ]


Chancellor’s Colloquium and African Lioness Symposium

Chancellor Gary S. May hosts Matthew Desmond for a talk about his Pulitzer Prize-winning book, Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City, while LeShelle May will speak at the African Lioness Symposium.




HEALTHY UC DAVIS: Music, mindfulness and Maintain Don’t Gain

November brings the second Well-Being Ticket Deal of the academic year, a new series of Midday Mindfulness Meditation and another Maintain Don’t Gain challenge for the holidays. [ More… ]

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