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Forums start tomorrow

UC Davis’ strategic visioning process moves into the forum phase starting tomorrow — with the campus community invited to help in developing the university’s high-level goals and strategies to achieve them. We’ve got the schedule. [ More… ]


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No sweeps and no assist on federal raids

Chancellor Gary S. May and Police Chief Joseph A. Farrow reiterate UC Davis’ position on immigration enforcement: Campus police will not conduct sweeps, nor assist in any federal raids or otherwise participate in efforts to detain suspected undocumented members of our university community. [ More… ]

Chancellor’s Fellows: ‘Stellar’ in every way

They are prolific scholars, strong teachers, effective mentors and dedicated contributors to campus. Their work is novel, unique and cutting-edge. They are 12 associate professors, each being rewarded with $25,000 in philanthropic support for their early-career research. [ More… ]

Walker Hall to be redone as Graduate Center

After renovation and seismic correction (look for construction to begin in mid-February), this almost 90-year-old building near the heart of campus will reopen by 2020 with classroom, study and social spaces for the graduate education community, as well as office space for Graduate Studies staff and leadership. A tour is scheduled for Feb. 2, for the graduate education community. [ More… ]

Transportation Services asks: ‘Why drive?’

With results from latest Campus Travel Survey in hand, officials want to know: Why do so many commuters drive alone to campus, and what can be done to entice them to choose more sustainable modes of transportation, like bus, train, carpool, vanpool or bicycle. [ More, with video… ]

LAURELS: Rizzo an ‘Outstanding First-Year Student Advocate’

A national organization is honoring plant pathology professor Dave Rizzo as an Outstanding First-Year Student Advocate, calling his work a “best practice” in easing students’ transitions into college. … Plus, honors for three other faculty members (Christopher Reynolds, Eliza Bliss-Moreau and Lynn Hershman Leeson), and the UC Davis Talent Management and Development team. [ More… ]

Mapping the DNA of all life on Earth

Project announced today by World Economic Forum will “enable solutions for preserving the Earth’s biodiversity, managing ecosystems, spawning biobased industries and sustaining human societies,” says Harris Lewin, distinguished professor, who chairs one of the project partners. [ More… ]

RESEARCH: Testing Sonoma ash and air

When the houses burned, so did all kinds of materials inside: insulation, electronics, furniture, cleaning products, pesticides — and this could have created unknown or previously unrecognized health hazards. [ More… ]

NEWS BRIEFS: Gov. Brown opens CARB symposium

Gov. Jerry Brown addresses the California Air Resources Board’s 50th Anniversary Symposium, held at the campus Conference Center and hosted by UC Davis’ Institute of Transportation Studies and the School of Law and its California Environmental Law and Policy Center. Plus …

THE DOWNLOAD: Butterfly found, meat lost, olive oil touted

Professor Art Shapiro wins his own Beer for a Butterfly contest again. … Two fraternities go vegan for a week. … A conference at UC Davis touts the health benefits of olive oil. [ More, with video… ]




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