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Alma mater matters

Commencement season is here. Listen in as new graduates talk about what UC Davis has meant to them, learn about some special UC Davis graduation traditions and get the latest on commencement schedules and how to watch webcasts of the ceremonies. [ More… ]


Chancellor to step down in June 2009

He led UC Davis' climb up the ranks of the nation's finest universities while he helped open the campus's doors to the disadvantaged and advocated academic diplomacy to help resolve global conflict. And on Monday, Chancellor Larry Vanderhoef announced that he will step down in June 2009, at the end of the campus's centennial year. Read about his distinguished tenure here and the plans to launch a nationwide search to replace him. [ More… ]

Staff Assembly's new 'distinguished' awards honor best of the best

The Staff Assembly recently recognized the hard work of 15 staff employees with Citations for Excellence. The awards honored both individuals and teams for general contributions, campus service and supervisory leadership. New for this year, the Staff Assembly also gave out seven Distinguished Citations for Excellence, honoring the best of the best. [ More… ]

Generous gifts help launch Delta Solutions Project

UC Davis scientists have launched a new, five-year, $5 million project to produce the technical solutions and policy recommendations for avoiding looming disaster in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta — an upheaval that could affect the supply of water, food, energy and transportation for most people living in California. The project is supported by gifts from the Stephen Bechtel Fund and the David and Lucile Packard Foundation. [ More… ]

Climate of humanity: Scientists study why and how destructive nature wreaks havoc

What is the connection between a devastating earthquake, high-priced gasoline and climate change? Geologists Zhang Hongren and Eldridge Moores say they are all connected to our understanding of the Earth beneath our feet. [ More… ]

Gardens, a Bike Church and a utility cycle, oh my

Seven projects were recently awarded $12,925 in campus sustainability grants, including one to test a "human-powered utility vehicle" for the Building and Grounds department. The four-wheeled utility cycle will replace a gas-powered vehicle, produce no air or noise pollution, and improve the health of the driver. Other projects include demonstration gardens and landscaping projects, and a plan to reduce computer energy consumption. [ More… ]

Nobel laureate to help mark center's 10 years of 'one medicine' research

Medical researcher David Baltimore, who shared a 1975 Nobel Prize for his discoveries concerning the replication of tumor viruses, will be the guest speaker on June 10 for the 10th anniversary celebration of the Center for Comparative Medicine. The center embodies the philosophy that human and veterinary medicine together comprise "one medicine," a concept developed at UC Davis in the 1960s that emphasizes the opportunities to advance health for all through comparative research. [ More… ]

A double legacy to Mike: Mom and daughter vet school grads

Sharon Hunt Gerardo and Angelina Gerardo share a special bond, even for a mother and daughter: They're graduating together June 13 from the School of Veterinary Medicine. The women carry on a family tradition of animal care begun by husband and father Michael "Mike" Gerardo, who earned his doctor of veterinary medicine from UC Davis in 1982 and died unexpectedly in 2000. [ More… ]

Don't get steamed: Campus steam shutdown June 16

Utility officials are getting the word out about a 19-hour steam shutdown planned for June 16 on the Davis campus. Officials said the 5 a.m.-to-midnight shutdown will affect domestic and industrial hot water, autoclaves, cage-rack washers, dishwashers, stills, sterilizers, cooking equipment and any other equipment using steam, including hot-water systems used for heating buildings. [ More… ]


Restricted access to south campus Parking Lot 1 and Alumni Lane June 6-Sept. 30

As a result of construction at the Graduate School of Management project, Parking Lot 1, located south of Old Davis Road and east of Alumni Lane, has been restricted to construction employees only. In addition, Alumni Lane, south of Old Davis Road, is closed to pedestrian traffic. Signs will be posted and controls will be in effect. [ More… ]


Pericles: Honors students are 'Playing Shakespeare'

Friday-Saturday, June 6-7, 7:30 p.m., Wyatt Pavilion Theatre

Free performances of a modern interpretation of the Shakespeare play Pericles, Prince of Tyre by students in the Integrated Studies Honors Program. The performance is the culmination of this quarter's "Playing Shakespeare" class. [ More… ]

'Science of Cats' show on cable features UC Davis research

Tuesday, June 10, 7 p.m., National Geographic Channel

Research by cat geneticist Leslie Lyons of the School of Veterinary Medicine is featured in a new National Geographic Channel program. The show highlights work by Lyons and graduate student Monika Lipinski, tracing the ancestry of the modern day domestic cat to the Fertile Crescent of the Middle East. [ More… ]

Faculty, staff, students invited to Campus Community Book Project meetings

Friday, June 13, 12:10 p.m., 61 Mrak Hall; and Friday, June 27, 12:10 p.m., Garrison Room, Memorial Union

Both meetings are to plan the fall program surrounding the 2008 book selection, Tracy Kidder's Mountains Beyond Mountains. [ More… ]

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